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May 16th


First of all, it's your day, teachers. So, Happy Teacher's Day to all Malaysian teachers.

I used to celebrate Teacher's Day every year during my school years, and it felt awesome. We bought a nice presents for our dear teachers, to show our appreciation. In college years, there is no such thing as Teacher's Day because it usually been forgotten by undergraduates who always too busy to prepare for their exams. Teacher's Day which supposed to be a long awaited event, is now a normal day. Yeah, a normal Wednesday. No more appreciation,  no more present, and the saddest thing of all, no more "Thank You, Teacher" wishes.

So, I'm here to wish a Happy Teacher's Day to my dear lecturer, Madam Iswander.

This one's for you,

Actually, it was my idea to write a song for you. But this guy stole my idea. So, i stole his art. =) 
Pretend it's me singing for you. 

And here is one more. 

Okay, this is the last one.

Thank you for all. We love you. 

It's nice to have you again next semester. 

"Thank you, teacher, for making us what we are today." 

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